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Here you will hopefully find the answers to some of those common queries. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please contact us by telephone or email.

Recruitment Queries: 0845 450 7479
Fax Number: 0845 450 7480
Finance Queries: 0845 450 7479
Fax Number: 0845 450 7480
Compliance Queries: 0845 450 7479
Fax Number:0845 450 7480

1) What is the timesheet deadline?
Monday 12 noon, following the week worked. (If there is a bank holiday Monday then the deadline will be 12 noon on Tuesday). Please ask for our Christmas deadline schedule from

2) Who can I call if I need help submitting my hours to an electronic system?
Cathy or Andy in our Accounts Team by calling 0845 450 7479 or emailing

3) How does my holiday fund work?
For PAYE locums we have to put aside, in accordance with Working Time Directive (WTD), 12.07% of the gross pay in a 'holiday fund' which can be claimed at any time.

For candidates being paid through a Payroll Umbrella Company, you will need to contact them to ascertain if holiday pay is applicable.

4) How often can I claim expenses?
Provided your manager authorises your expenses, (only expenses incurred during the course of your working day) these can be claimed on a weekly basis together with your timesheet.

5) How do I get my P60?
Our Accounts Team will send a P60 to all PAYE locums automatically by the end of May each year.

Locums working through a payroll umbrella company will need to contact their umbrella company.

6) What do I do if there is no-one in the office to sign off my timesheet?
Please advise our Accounts Team of your hours by phone by Monday 12 noon. Provided your signed timesheet is authorised and sent our Accounts Team by noon on Tuesday, we will make sure payment is made.

7) How often do I get paid?
Provided a timesheet is received by our Accounts Team by the Monday noon deadline, payment will clear the designated bank account by Friday. (If you are using a payroll umbrella company you will need to contact them to confirm payment details.)

8) How will I get paid over the Christmas period?
Please ask for our Christmas payments schedule from our account Team.

9) How do I access the online timesheet systems?
You will be given the website and login details when you first start your placement.

10) Why is mileage set at 40p per mile?
The mileage rate varies with different Boroughs and Local Authorities - please ask your manager for confirmation.

11) Am I entitled to any statutory benefits such as sick pay and maternity pay?
Only PAYE candidates with Amicus Recruit are eligible for statutory benefits to be paid direct to them. If you are being paid through a Payroll Umbrella Company you will need to contact them to find out if you are eligible.

12) What should I do if I run out of paper timesheets and envelopes - who should I call?
Call Cathy or Andy in the Accounts Team who will email an electronic version to you.

13) I am a LTD locum - how do I submit an invoice?
Email the invoice to or fax to 0845 450 7480.

14) I don't understand my wage slip - who can I speak to?
Call Cathy or Andy in our Accounts Team via phone 0845 450 7479 or email them at

15) Why do I need to keep providing copies of my documents?
Our Compliance Team need to ensure that you file is continually safeguarded throughout your time at Amicus Recruit. They will therefore require ongoing paperwork for any audits that may arise and for any new placements you take on during your time with us. All references must be kept up to date with each new placement you move into. For more information, please see our Compliance and Safeguarding section or contact our Compliance Team.

16) How long does my Enhanced CRB last for?
Your Criminal Records Bureau check (CRB) is valid for one year. Each year, we will renew your CRB - this will require two forms of proof of address. At this point we may take the opportunity to ask for any other outstanding documentation that we may require for your file. Please contact our Compliance Team for more information.

17) How much will my CRB cost?
The CRB costs 44.00 per application. Amicus Recruit does not charge an administration fee for this.

18) How often do I need to renew my GSCC registration?
Your General Social Care Council (GSCC) registration needs to be renewed every three years.

To endorse and verify your registration we will also require qualification certificates and other documentation that might still be outstanding. This will then be kept on file and (newly witnessed) originals and copies will need to be seen when they expire. Please contact our Compliance Team for more information.

19) Why do I need to provide original documents at my registration meeting?
This is in order for us to complete the necessary checks and to send off your CRB form. We cannot send CRB applications off without seeing original documentation. Please contact our Compliance Team for more information.

20) What documents do I need before I can work in the UK?
To visit the UK you may need a visa. If you want to work here you may need a work permit. You may also have to register with the UK Home Office UK Border Agency (UKBA) while you are here. Click here for more information.

21) How do I get my National Insurance Number?
You will need to telephone Job Centre Plus on 0845 600 0643. They may require you to attend an 'Evidence of Identity Interview'. Click here for more information.

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