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Our Australian Office is based in Melbourne and our team consists of Team Manager Denis and International Recruitment Consultants Lauren and Emily. Ellie Chen has recently joined our Australia Office as a Project Manager

Lauren and Emily are trained Recruitment Consultants and have a wealth of knowledge in helping you find your perfect role in Australia. They are on hand to assist you with advice in relation to to visas, housing, and how your skills and experiences are transferable to working as a social worker in Australia.

The Team

Denis Flores, BA ( Psychology and Political Science), General Manager and Director

Denis is a psychologist with over thirty five years experience in selection and assessment, organisational and individual behaviour.

He came to Amicus Recruit after running his own organisational psychology consulting practice for 20 years.

As an experienced business manager, coach, facilitator and counsellor, he is accredited in, and has designed a number of psychological assessment and organisational diagnostic tools.

Emily Carr, International Recruitment Consultant

Emily Carr joined Amicus Recruit in April 2010. Emily was initially employed as an administration assistant, however was quickly promoted to International Recruitment Consultant.

Emily leads on all recruitment activities from Australia to the UK. She will assess your eligibility to work in the UK, advise you on potential jobs that could be found for you, and will help you in organising all of your documents.

Emily completed her undergraduate Degree in Arts at the University of Melbourne in 2008 and a Post-graduate Diploma in Psychology at Australian Catholic University in 2009.

Lauren Over, International Recruitment Consultant

International Recruitment Consultant Lauren Over holds a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Human Resource Management from Swinburn University. She has travelled extensively and comes with a background working in Disability Education.

Lauren has a wealth of knowledge in helping you find your perfect role in Australia. She can assist you with advice in relation to work, housing, and how your skills and experiences are transferable to the Australian market.

Ellie Chen, Operational Project Manager

Ellie Chen is responsible for the Metro Train Driver Recruitment Project.

Ellie comes from a background in Organisational Psychology and has been involved in the Metro Trains Project (previously Connex) since 2008.

Her knowledge and experience in recruitment, selection and assessment has enabled her to manage each aspect of the project and to ensure the quality of candidates provided to the client.

Ellie has a Bachelor of Science (Honours in Psychology) and a Masters in Organisational Psychology from Monash University.

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